Monday, October 21, 2013

Bye Bye Puddles

Hi and Welcome back to the Chicken Coop.

 A couple months ago Ginger and Puddles are now living outside and getting along with the chickens. So we just left the Ducks I the garden when we would go places, so while we were gone my dad got home and puddles flew to one side of the garden so he went out to see what was the matter but when he got down there she was gone.  She had flown out of the garden and flown somewhere we didn't know where..
Once we got home we went searching and searching around the pod in our back yard, but there was no sign of her.  I cried. But I  knew God would take care of her and he is with her.
 The next day I went out  again and found her walking in the tall grass close to our pond. I slowly walked toward her but flew away very fast over our neighbors house.

Now she lives in our pond. I am very happy she is happy cause she is a Mallard and she is doing what mallards do. :)

How is Ginger? She was lonely for a couple days but she LOVES the chickens!
They are all buddies!

Now she is laying!!! Every day we get 1, 2, or sometimes even 3 beautiful HUGE white eggs!
I love that duck!!
Here are some pictures of our duck this summer

 Here is the duck playing in her
kitty pool this summer!
She is SO cute!!

Thank you for reading!!!
To God be the Glory!
~Ruthie Lynn a.k.a  Chicken/ Duck Mama

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Yes........they are Waterfowl!

Hi and Welcome back to the Chicken Coop!!
The Ducks are getting SO big!
We are realizing that they really do love the water. :)
The splash their water all over their brooder box, like 3 times a day! I mean like ALL over!!
So we filled a box up with a little water and we put them in it to see what would happen, and they LOVE it!! They are adorable to watch! They try to swim and to dive and oh they are soooo cute!!
Ginger is getting HUGE! When she is full grown she will be 9 pounds.........that is a big duck! :)
We think that Puddle is a Mallard, and she is getting big too, she will only be 2 pounds full grown so she will be pretty small.

Here are a couple pictures of them in their water bin- :)

Here they are!! They LOVE it!
They are beginning to molt, so they are so itchy!!
Here is Puddle stretching her wings!
Too Cute!
Here is Puddle stretching her wings again and Ginger

Here I am looking at them in the box!

This is the inside of their brooder, they were too big for their
little brooder so we moved them to a big one!
Well God Bless,
Ruthie Lynn, Chicken/Duck Mama

Monday, March 25, 2013


Hi and Welcome back to the Chicken Coop!!

This morning my dad went and picked up 2 bails of hay for the Chickens!
Because our whole Chicken yard is all mud. And mud smells!
So me and L went out to do the weekly cleaning and to put the hay down and oh it looks SO much cleaner and better out there! And it smells so good!!!

So here are a couple pictures of the Chicken Yard before we put the hay down-

So you can see on the picture
 above it is all mud and snow, bluck

Lorsey eating snacks :)
 It looks so much better with the hay down!

Here is me and L working with the hay!
The Chickens absolutely love it!!

Well have a blessed day!
Ruthie Lynn, Chicken/Duck Mama

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Name Change

Our family has decided that Sunshine is not a Sunshine.
She is to spunky.So she needed a new name.
So we talked about several names and we have decided her new name is...............Drum Roll Please....
We decided to name her Ginger because Sunshine just doesn't fit her personality. :)
Also, we put the ducklings in the kitty pool (it didn't have water in it)and we sat in there with them, and they just hopped all over us!! They are loved......

Well God Bless!
Ruthie Lynn, Chicken/Duck Mama

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Duck Mama :)

Hi and Welcome back to the Chicken Coop!

Well I am very proud to announce to that me the Chicken Mama is a also a Duck Mama!

Today we picked up to baby ADORABLE ducks!

While we were in the car on the way home they were just peeping and peeping and peeping!!

I love them SO much!!

Their names are drum roll please :) Puddle and Sunshine (or Toot we haven't decided yet)

So here are some pictures of our little miss Puddle and Sunshine-

Here is Miss Sunshine-


She is adorable!! Here is some information agout Miss Sunshine!

Age- About a week old :)

Breed- White Pekin ( we think :)

Personality- She is spunky and active! She tries to “get out” of her brooder box, but her wings are so little she just hits the wall and falls

backwards on her back! But I love her because of her spunk!

So she is a love!!


Next is Miss Puddle :)-

Here is a picture of Miss Puddle!


Here is some information about Miss Puddle-

Age- About 1 week

Breed- ? Here breed is a mystery, she is either a Mallard or a Rouen. I guess we will know later. :)

Personality- She is super sweet, timid and small. We love her! She has really big feet :) because when she waddles she  steps on her own feet and stumbles!

Compared to Miss Sunshine she is pretty small!


Here are a couple of pictures of me and L and the ducklings!


It is soooo cute when the swallow they tip her head back and

swallow!! You can see Sunshine doing it in this picture!


Here they both are in their brooder! I absolutely love this picture!!!


Here is me and L with the ducks!


Here is me holding Puddle! She is so small!


Oh and sshhhhhhhhhhhh. We aren’t allowed to have ducks in our town,

so if anyone asks you tell them they are chickens with deflated beaks and they have a foot problem which makes them webbed. :)

Well see ya later!!

Blessings, Ruthie Lynn/Chicken/Duck Mama

Thursday, September 6, 2012

#1- 5 Eggs a day!/ #2- Happy Chickens! :)

Hi and Welcome back to the Chicken Coop!

#1-  5 Eggs a day

I am proud to announce that all of my chickens are laying!
So we get 5 eggs a day now!
I am so impressed with my girls!

Well here are some pictures of the eggs we got today!

Here are the 5 eggs we got today!
The egg on the far left is Daisy's then Bertie's
then Ethel's then Lorsey's and then Sybil's!
Above is Daisy's (left) compared to Bertie's (right).
Daisy's Eggs are taller and darker, Lorseys eggs
are taller an a little bit lighter than
Daisy's. Bertie's are lighter and rounder,
Ethel's are almost as tall as Lorseys
and are lighter almost white, and
Sybil's are round and darker.

Here is Daisy's (left) again compared to Ethel's (right)
It is so cool how created Chickens and their eggs!
#2- Happy Chickens!!
Some times we let are chickens out to forage in the garden, and it is SO funny to watch them!
So here are a couple of pictures of them foraging.

Bertie. Planning escape! :)
The Rhode Island Reds are so funny
to watch them forage!
Lorsey posing for the camera! :)
Happy Chickens.
 Daisy is so pretty in the green!

Ethel loves being in the mint! She is
so funny!
Sybil is so pretty!
Well hope you enjoyed!
God Bless,
Ruthie Lynn


Monday, July 9, 2012

Keeping Chickens Cool 101

Hi Welcome back to the Chicken Coop

This week has been SO hot!

My Chickens are hot too. They spread their wings out and pant. All day.

So I was getting a little nervous like what if my chickens get dehydrated? or What if they don’t drink enough water? I did some research and I found out a couple of things to do to keep

chickens cool.

So here are some things to do to keep Chickens cool and happy. :)

1. It is really important that you make sure your Chickens have fresh,cool water. I would suggest getting them new water every 45 minutes to an hour depending on how hot it is.

2. If you take your hose that has a attachment turn it to mist and spray them. It helps a lot and after the first couple days they even started to like it. :)

So I would say mist them every 45 minutes to an hour too.

3. In the back of my Chicken Coop I have a square door to put the water and food in. We have a box fan that fits perfectly in the back door, so we just stick that in the back door and then the air

blows through the coop into the run. It helps a lot , especially if there is no breeze.

4. Put buckets of cold water on the ground I even sometimes put ice cubes in it. Then they can go in there and get their feet wet and that can help

cool them down too.

5. Food- On hot days like 85 degrees or higher, your chickens will really like food that contains water such as watermelon (my girls’ favorite :) is really

good for chickens on hot days because it contains so much water.

Here are a couple pictures of my Chickens. DSC08546




Well that is all for now!

~Ruthie Lynn~ a.k.a. Chicken Mama